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Daina’s Story

Teaching secondary literacy is a vocation, but it doesn’t need to be a life’s worth of work. 

Everybody deserves a satisfying work-life balance.
For the secondary teachers who ignored that: this means you, too.

My name is Daina, and I support secondary teachers in developing life-long readers and writers. In recognizing the challenges of navigating and succeeding in the 21st Century, I also provide resources for educators to equip students with appropriate skills for the modern world. But above all, my goal is to take the hassle out of lesson planning, so that you can focus more of your time and attention on your students, your family, and yourself.

I’m a lover of language.  I love it so much that I spent the last decade studying literature, and sharing language arts in my classroom. I graduated with an Honours degree in English Literature in 2013; shortly after, I completed my concurrent teaching certification at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada.  My journey with teaching has allowed me to connect students to one of my deepest joys in life, and to be humbled by my students’ intelligence and capabilities. 

My time in the classroom has also led to the discovery of my passion for curriculum design.  This has spiraled into a pedagogical pursuit on how to integrate technology, engage students, and differentiate for every learner.  I became a Google Certified Educator, and also obtained additional training in teaching English Language Learners, as well as students with Cognitive and Behavioural Exceptionalities.  I created Mondays Made Easy to bring these skills to you.  Since sharing the first resource in August of 2018, Mondays Made Easy has helped over 3,000 teachers internationally with differentiated and inquiry-based literacy resources.    

I’m a firm believer in prioritizing a healthy and happy life over work obligations.  After the bell, you can find me enjoying live music, riding my Miyata cycle, or scouring vintage and antique shops.  I love exploring different cultures, whether it be within my own city or abroad. I’m passionate about wellness and natural living, and am always in search of a new DIY recipe – whether it’s charcoal-based cleaning products or avocado in your hair, if you can name it, I’ve probably tried it.  (and if I haven’t, please send it my way!) 

Do we have anything in common? I’m always looking to connect with other educators and grow together. I’d love for you to get in touch!